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Chris' career includes strategic positions in Business Technology Management, Information Technology, Consulting and Education. After twenty-one years in senior IT management roles at Pfizer, Chris is currently a Professor at Stevens Institute’s Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management, where he teaches courses in New Drug Development, Sales and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and Supply Chain Management.   

Chris’ experience combines the strengths of a practitioner, a consultant, and an academic. His expertise and leadership in IT-enabled Business Process, Supply Chain, and Service Innovation have helped organizations derive significant business value from their investment in IT.   His proficiency in IT-enabled Business Innovation, Knowledge Mining, IT Portfolio Management, Integration Risk Management, Biobanking, Collaborative Research and Discovery, IT Governance, and IT Talent and Capability Development is highlighted in his published research, consulting, teaching, and speaking engagements.

Chris has done pioneering work in the areas of Knowledge Mining and its application within Life Sciences, most notably as a means of mining, visualizing and synthesizing clinical research findings; Enterprise-level Application, Information, and Business Process Rationalization; Integration Risk Management, and IT Talent, Skill, and Capability Development. Over the years, Chris’ work has helped IT organizations in their effort to reduce costs, to increase productivity, and along with their business partners, to more effectively develop and deploy scalable and innovative business solutions.


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